Riverside Barbecue

Midwood Breeze is packed with various options to picnic spots perfect for communal outdoor eating with family and friends. Head to the Waterfalls, Mountains, Valleys or Riversides for some fresh air and to indulge in a romantic graze with your loved ones. One could try some great walking and driving trails or to stop and have a picnic.

Picnic spots No matter what your mood, you’ll find a picnic spot to suit it - with the options from Midwood Breeze. River Song, Riverside Greens at the Tones and Higher Altitude Waterfalls are the most popular – all are available with prior bookings from 12pm to 6pm daily, except during major weekends and holidays and like Christmas and New Year’s.

Riverside 1 A popular recreation and conservation reserve that is a a treat to be in. It is packed with attractions for the whole family. Explore the reserve forest where you may catch a glimpse of Deer, Himalayan Goral, Wild Boars, Porcupines or the Himalayan Martin. A riverside spot to have a barbecue or just take in the tranquil surroundings.

Riverside 2 The riverside area has been a favorite spot with locals for many years and is now complemented with paved walking trails and picnics along the river. This reserve, tucked away on a confluence of two rivers, is perfect for a secluded day out with the family. Links with the Reserve Forests of the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary via the George Everest walk trails.

2 Waterfalls You'll find the picturesque Waterfalls on the corner of the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary and the best Valley views. To enjoy a picnic/ barbecues in this area is a treat in itself.

Waterfall North East of the Doon Valley Best known for its natural pool and a scenic waterfall the place has a nice and clean camp to cater for other requirements that one may have. The place is pretty-as-a-picture, with great facilities for family picnics.

Midwood Breeze is Located close to the regular city restaurants but has still become a favorite destination point for some of the local guests and out-of-town visitors alike The homemade recipes and years of experience are what make the food stand out. Meats include Barbecued Chicken, Duck, Pork, Goat, Lamb and Fish as well as Prawns plus other seafood dishes. Midwood Breeze has clientele of regulars and travelers looking to enjoy some grub at the property itself or plan destination dining events. Open from Breakfast, lunch through dinner, this is the place for a casual midday sandwich or blow-out evening meal with friends of piles of high quality meat. All one needs to do is make a prior reservation.

Barbecue Rules

• Abide by Midwood Breeze Management Rules, including no undue disturbance/annoyance to locals or which interferes with peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.
• Consumption of alcohol by over 18's only is allowed within the barbecue areas by those issued with the appropriate permit.
• Ensure planned activities during visit are approved by the management.
• Responsible adults (over 18's) must be in attendance throughout the booking to supervise the group.
• Booking fees are non-returnable. Alternative dates within the current season are not given due to adverse weather conditions .
• The barbecue facility is available from 12pm to 6pm., Monday to Thursday.
• Barbecue groups must not leave any litter or rubbish within the Reserve, except in the dustbins specifically provided for use of the barbecue sites. Groups must make prior arrangement to remove any excess refuse. Failure to do so will result in an additional charge of Rs.500/- for additional maintenance services.
• Only charcoal will be used on the barbecue units. The Staff will bring with them charcoal, firelighters, matches, aluminium foil, tools, etc. as required. It is recommended that you at the most use approximately 5 kilos of charcoal per 25 persons. Allow 1 hour before starting to cook.
• Hot coals must be left within the firebox. Never put hot coals into litter bins or onto the ground.
• Barbecues can be used on the metal stands.
• For safety reasons, gazebos and tents are not permitted
• Extra litter bags are available from Midwood Breeze.

Barbecue prices and booking details
• Barbecues and picnics @ 1000/- per person
• If you wish to host activities and events away from the property, charges may apply. Please check on the Midwood Breeze Cell numbers before organising your event.