Fishing Tours

In Uttarakhand the fish are Mahseer – A large scaled carp (family Cyprinidae) – originally described by Hamilton in 1822, and soon became the favourite quarry of British Anglers living in India. Mahseer is the pick of game fish found in India. Mahseer inhabits both rivers & lakes, ascending to rapid streams with rocky bottoms for breeding. There are several different types of Mahseer found in India, of which the Golden Mahseer (or Himalayan Mahseer) is the most prized.

Trout is the common name given to a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family, Salmon- Idae. Trout are usually found in cool, clear streams and lakes. The Rainbow Trout and the Brown Trout are the most common species in India. They feed on worms and insects, although larger specimens of Brown Trout regularly feed on other fish, and provide a good fight when caught with a hook and a line. Fly fishing is a distinctive method developed primarily for Trout. Several streams in Uttarakhand were planted with Brown Trout seed from Loch Leven and more recently, Rainbow Trout from Norway. And then there is the rare Indian Trout, which is chased on the Song River near Dehradun. The Asi Ganga near Uttarkashi and Dodital, the lake at the head of Asi Ganga River, offer rich pickings of Trout. Trout also abounds in the Tons that flows from Har – Ki – Dun into the Yamuna.

Its not just Mahseer and trout that lure anglers to Himalayan waters. Some anglers like to chase rodbenders like the giant Goonch (Catfish), which lurk deceptively in small pools. In Garhwal the Western Ramganga outside Corbett Tiger Reserve is the prime hunting ground of the Goonch and the Indian Trout. In spring this area turns into a technical anglers dream. The Junction, the confluence of the Western Nayar and the Ganga at Vyas Ghat, Garhwal is best fished immediately before the rains. The fishing in this area extends from the junction to the confluence of the Eastern Nayar and the Ganga below Lansdowne.

The best fishing destinations for Fresh Water Trouts & Mahseer in Uttarakhand Mahakali River (Indo Nepal Border) Confluence of Mahakali & Sarda Rivers [International Fishing Competition held in March here] / Magnificent Mahseer pools found at Kopote down till Tanakpur in south Champawat District / Pancheshwar accessed from Abbott Mount & Lohaghat / Rameshwar at the confluence of the Saryu & the Eastern Ramganga a little beyond Pancheswar & Baramdeo are the best spots /

*Full day Fishing Tour including basic - vehicle (2 wheeler or 4 wheeler) includes Fruits, snacks, drinks & Picnic Lunch. @ 3000/- to @ 4000/- per person (at least 2 people travelling together)
*Overnight stay at the above sightseeing locations @ 6000/- cpai per person (could be FRH, GMVN or camps properties as per availability)
*Equipment and permissions extra.