Bike ToursWith over one hundred KM of pure bike bliss, you don't want to miss out on the ride of your life.

Day 1 - Today your Uttarakhand Mountain journey begins! Please take the volvo bus, the train or flight to Dehradun from Delhi. You will meet your Host guide and helpers at Midwood Breeze. Later after check in - head over to know about your Bike. Afterwards you'll go over information about your upcoming trip. After the meet and greet, make sure to explore Dehraduns Malls, Lounges, Restaurants and the little night life the city has to offer. Or just get a goodnight sleep and get ready for the first day’s ride tomorrow!

Day 2/ Tour 1 - After our Welcome Breakfast the moment has come - After an orientation we head south and west to ride the winding mountain road up to Shigally and Jaitanwala. After lunch at Sadowala and Kanchwali, the cool air bathes us as we wind our way up more mountainous roads into Bidholi close to the Petroleum University, skirting the slopes of Bidholi Hills we now view the beautiful forests cover at Doonga and the mountains beyond. Our descent into the River and Springs is spectacular, and then we drive up to Thangao and Bakrana with beautiful views and major forest cover.

Day 3/ Tour 2 - Today you will get your first taste of the ascend into the cool and pristine areas of the Doon valley but first we take a loop through Horawala and Langha with beautiful valley roads, fields and fantastic rock formations in the valleys below. From here we ascend to Matogi and our trip gets legendary appeal as we enter areas where there are one of the best Doon Valley views of citys beyond Uttarakhand. We will stay on at Matogi for the rest of the day as we reach the end of the road.

Day 4/ Tour 3 - We continue our ride via the legendary IMA, Tea Estates and southern hills of the Doon valley bordering the western parts of the famous Rajaji Wildlife Reserve into Himachal Pradesh. We make a stopover for Birdwatching at Ascan Barrage and some riverside relaxation. We then ride further on to the famous Kalesar Wildlife Reserve in Haryana, which is considered to be “Leopard land”, as some parts of the wildlife reserve is situated on cliffs along the river Yamuna.” From Kalesar you head for the famous Tajewala Dam, This is where during rains, once the excess waters are released it becomes a hazard for flooding in Delhi. After our lunch stop in Poanta Sahab (possible darshan at the Gurudwara) we continue our ride back towards Doon.

Day 5/ Tour 4 – How many people can boast of seeing the origination of the Saraswati River ? Well, now you could on our Bike tour. We spend the morning riding to Dak Patthar, Kata patthar to get some fantastic views of the river and waterworks. Now it’s off to the incredible Kolar area of the Simbalbara wildlife sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. Then visit the Adi Badri - a forest area and archaeological site in the foothills of Sivalik Hills in bhabar area situated in northern part of Yamunanagar district Haryana. The Somb River passing through here is considered to be the originating point of vedic river Sarasvati. Such scenery with an exciting trek up to the temple takes ones breath away. This evening we could sit with the Panditjis to treat us to stories of life in the heart of this spiritual wonderland.

Day 6/ Tour 5 - We will ride up to sleepy Kimadi via Shigally to Bansaghat Waterfalls and then we head up via rustic roads along the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. All along we get amazing views of the Doon valley and beyond. We could visit the famous George Everest in Mussoorie and visit the haunted Lambidhar Mines. Later we ride up to the famous Bhadraj Mountain Top with the famous Bhadraj Temple. We ride on past the famous Benog Tibba area from close to the Clouds End in Mussoorie. A trek up to the Benog Tibba is an experience in itself.

Day 7/ Tour 6 - Picking up the bikes in the morning we hit the mussoorie road via the famous Shiv Mandir, along several Maggie points to Kolukhet midway Mussoorie famous for nimbu masala chai and pakoras. This scenic drive leads onto the famous Picture palace or alternatively to the Library side of Mussoorie…. Both ways we reach the Mall road and walk around shopping and walk along the famous camels back road. Later back on the bikes we move to the famous historical Landour Cantonment the highest part of Mussoorie compared to Gun Hill. Here we move around the Sisters Bazar and Lal Tibba. Closer to the Woodstock School we take in the best view of the snow capped mountains. Further ahead we reach the privately managed nature reserve Jabarkhet. The guides here are well informed and pleasing. We get to know a lot about the flora and fauna of the area.

Day 8 / Tour 7 - Speeds are slow but the views are spectacular with your biggest issue being the amount of curves and bends on the road. Deep valleys, Sheer drops over thousands of feet and wildlife along the road. We have seen wild boars and even bears on this ride. Your afternoon meal for the day is right on the edge of the town in rural Dhanolti and Kanatal area. Following lunch we travel to Kodia Forest Reserve and then to Chamba a hill town and then to Tehri Dam – one of the highest dams in the world.

Day 9/ Tour 8 – Today we head into the Great Mountains of the Jaunsar Babar area and Chakrata.(foreign Nationals would need to apply for a special permit from the Director General Tourism) and ………it’s all Cliff and orchards all the way! And what a day with endless views out across Garhwal Himalayas. Stop at Yamuna Bridge for lunch where one is offered with freshly caught fish from the river. Following this we head into Chakrata a small town for a stopover and then proceed to Tiger Falls, Deoband FRH and Khadimba Peak. We camp for the night at one of the preferred locations.

Day 10/ Tour 9 - Cold and snow getting you down? Join us this winter on our exploration of the eastern parts of the Doon valley that are equally beautiful like the South, West and North. The eastern Doon valley is a winter haven for riding – the open stretches at the causeways, the vast river beds and the heritage, mining towns can be explored on a bike. You can see the old remains of the PPCL, descend to the riverside. Doon Valley has small rivers and rivulets all around and you’ll get the first taste of that today! We’ll start up our bikes from Midwood Breeze and head East through the beauty of the roadside canals and mountains ahead of Raipur the old part of the town. Or we could jump right up to the Tibetan settlement and the War Memorial with the Ashok Edict on the top of the deeply forested mountain. From here we could get amazing views of the city down below. We then move down to Chamroli and bathe in the beautiful waterfall with the backdrop of the most amazing mountains.

Day 11 / Tour 10 – Today’s ride will take us up to a beautiful hilltop in the eastern mountains. The temple here is beautiful and has trekking trails all around. The big clearing and a field on the hilltop makes the place outstandingly beautiful. Later in the day we go ahead to the famous Triveni Ghat for Ganga Aarti and visit the various ashrams. We could spoil ourselves with the best food joints serving various desserts and chocolate samosas. There are many massage parlors and yoga centers. We will end our ride near Neelkanth Mahadev or proceed for an overnight camping at a much higher altitude near Mahabgarh.

Special - Tour 11- Join us on this classic Bike tour through the most beautiful parts of the Doon Valley, Rishikesh, the hills beyond to Lansdowne, Western Corbett Tiger Reserve, Higher reaches of Corbett Park, Fishing destinations with one of the most beautiful riversides. Wildlife jeep safaris and Elephant Safaris could be included if required. Ride along on this amazing tour with a guide who has over 25 years of experience in the area. We have put together a well planned tour for you where every day you will not only do plenty of riding but also do plenty of sightseeing. The bikes for our guided tours have an excellent range of the latest models which are all extremely well suited for you. Another bonus is that the tour will be accompanied by a van which will transport your entire luggage. Depending on space availability accompanying people or non riders may also travel in the van. That means for you: pure bike riding experience! Do ask us for pre/extensions of your tour to the Corbett National Park, Mori, Sankhari, Valley of Flowers or to Chopta.

No. of Pax Bike Camping on MAP Lunch @ Per person (INR)
1 1 1 1 4000/- per night
2 1 2 2 5000/- per night
1 1 Day Return 1 2500/-
2 1 Day Return 2 3500/-
2 1 Overnight at Midwood Breeze APAI 6000/- per night
1 1 APAI Overnight at Midwood Breeze 5000/- per night
1 1 Special Tour 11 APAI 6000/- per night
2 1 Special Tour 11 APAI 7000/- per night